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10 Years Of Bloomberg Has Doubled Number Of NYC Residents On Food Stamps

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Unread 03.18.13, 02:22 AM
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10 Years Of Bloomberg Has Doubled Number Of NYC Residents On Food Stamps

03.17.13 09:01 PM

The nanny mayor of New York City has managed to dramatically expand the liberal entitlement base — that is, the number of people who look to government as a providing parent — since taking office in 2002.

In the 10 years Michael Bloomberg has run the city, the number of New Yorkers receiving food stamps has more than doubled, according to a report by the New York Post.

By the numbers, that means a jump in city food stamp enrollment from 800,000 at the end of former Mayor Rudy Giulianiís term in office to 1.8 million last year. A corollary figure, the number of New Yorkers receiving welfare-to-work and other public assistance, declined slightly over the same period from roughly 450,000 to just less than 400,000.

In 2002, Supplemental Security Income (SSI) — the Federal program to assist the elderly, blind or disabled — was by far the biggest (and, arguably, the most justified) entitlement program used by New Yorkers, shelling out $3.01 billion in income subsidies. At the time, food stamp use in the five boroughs amounted to $1.28 billion.

Now, the cityís residents avail themselves of more than $3.4 billion in food stamps, a number that far exceeds the $2.9 billion (down from 2002) devoted to SSI benefits last year.

Chalk it up to aggressive recruiting.

ďIBO spokesman Doug Turetsky cited more aggressive outreach to enroll eligible recipients by the Bloomberg administration, in comparison to his predecessor, Rudy Giuliani,Ē the Post reports.

Although Bloomberg is in his final term as mayor, his policy ambitions are national in scope; and the liberal agenda needs to increase the largesse of free stuff if it wants to continue cultivating its idiot power base.

But as the nanny giveth, so doth the nanny take away — or tries to. Just because Bloomberg may have swollen the food stamp registry in New York doesnít mean he cares little for his moronsí health. He was incensed when the Feds — whom he generally regards as good, good friends — smacked down his 2011 proposal to ban the use of food stamps for soda purchases.

Itís not going to let up. In his last, lame-duck term, expect Bloomberg to start cashing in his good will with the freeloaders heís helped suckle. They, along with sane New Yorkers, will all be poorer once itís over.

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