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Actor In Gun Grab TV Ad Violates Basic Gun Safety

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Unread 03.25.13, 03:12 PM
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Actor In Gun Grab TV Ad Violates Basic Gun Safety

03.25.13 01:45 PM

An actor who portrays a hunter in a new pair of ads pushing for Federal gun control doesnít exactly know how to handle that shotgun heís holding.

The man, who claims heís a hunter, sits on the tailgate of a pickup and talks about how hunting is a big part of his family history. He talks about why background checks are a good thing and says no oneís trying to take your guns away. Heís got the requisite mountain-man facial hair, and heís holding a shotgun.

But critics whoíve paid attention point out the guy is clueless when it comes to gun safety. His onscreen behavior seems to violate the National Rifle Associationís three fundamental rules of gun safety.

Heís holding the gun in a way that suggests the kids in the adís background could move into in its line of fire: a no-no. Heís got his finger on the trigger of the gun, even though he clearly isnít ready to shoot at anything: a big no-no. And heís holding his pump-action shotgun with the bolt closed, so thereís no way to know if heís breaking another fundamental rule: keep a gun unloaded until youíre ready to use it.

The ad was paid for by Mayors Against Illegal Guns, a project organization partially created and funded by New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg. Bloomberg has committed $12 million of his own money to help push the ads in 13 States where Senators on the fence about gun control might be swayed to vote on a slew of gun restrictions the Senate will take up after Easter.

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