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The Silent Army

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Unread 03.31.13, 10:26 PM
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The Silent Army

03.31.13 09:01 PM

An invasion from a foreign army is about the last thing that we would expect, simply because the United States has the largest defense force with the most sophisticated weapons in the world.

But where is that other army, almost 50 million strong, waiting to be motivated and triggered? This is truly a silent army. No one knows. Itís anything but public knowledge. When this army erupts, it will be well armed; and it will spread across America like locusts. Few people will be prepared for such totally unexpected terror because there has never been anything like it in American history.

There will be little defense against this army and dangerous, mad mass. I recently spent two and a half hours watching a DVD of the Battle of Stalingrad, which took place from 1942 until 1943 — about 23 months. Millions died.

Those killed by gunfire by German and Russian army gunfire were the lucky ones. Many others who dead either froze or starved to death. Some were reduced to eating horses and dogs and even their fellow man.

Nothing was mentioned in the film about any of the citizens having food stored for the battle. They must have known that a prolonged battle was about to take place, and they also knew that winter was coming — not just any winter, but a very harsh Russian winter.

Even though all populations have a basic knowledge of food storage, the American people, especially today, have access and the capability to store many months of very highly nutritional food. But I dare say they have very little or none.

Simply stated, most Americans by far believe that just because several generations have escaped war and famine in the American homeland, they will never suffer hunger and cold. Who do you know in America who has ever shivered in the dark, hungry? Well, it is a threat in our present world.

Hereís what I am talking about: There are more than 47 million Americans on food stamps. Food stamp recipients increased by more than 600,000 in just the last month.

How far do you have to stretch your imagination to think of these 47 million people as a ďfood stamp army?Ē They certainly will become an army of terror, stealing and pillaging for food within just a few days after their food stamps are stopped for one reason or another.

Please remember that people in America who are getting free food stamps consider it something that they deserve as a right rather than a privilege because of their financial hardship or unemployment. This attitude will be very bad when the food stamp system fails, as it surely will when the worthless paper money piles up in the streets as it did in the German Weimar Republic in 1923.

With economic depression comes government oppression. Economic panics, famine and social breakdown come about as a result of depreciation and devaluation of a paper currency. Few get this direct connection, but it is a direct cause just as night follows day. Itís happening now!

Sound Money

Sound money implies trust in society, whereas fiat paper money is emotional quicksand. Devaluing the currency causes instability and distrust.

We are now in the final stage of world currency wars where every country is printing (devaluing) their currency at very high speed. In fact, we are in an accelerated end stage. We see financial breakdown and greed everywhere typical of historical records of collapse for hundreds of years.

Believe it or not, we live in a time when governments raise revenue by printing money. Americans know something is wrong, but they donít quite know what, why or who to blame. They still donít know that it is the government/banker alliance that is destroying their money by printing and, therefore, impoverishing them.

We emphasize that printing (devaluing) the currency causes society to degenerate into a huge lottery of gambling and greed. Degeneration of human values is accelerating, and it is a huge attraction for psychopaths. Psychopaths are non-producers, so they live on the production and substance of producers of wealth.

Also, devaluation of the currency is marked by great social disorder as the social infighting and scapegoating by politicians makes for confusion among the population. Politicians fail to inform the people about how the government/bankers are debauching the currency. They confuse everything with foolish issues. Ninety-nine percent of what they talk about is nonsense.

Turmoil in society is coincident with monetary debasement, and this has been true historically. The lesson here is that currency devaluation and social devaluation come together.

While a record number of Americans are on food stamps, the top 1 percent of income earners is taking a larger share of total income. President Barack Obama seized on this and used it to give emphasis to class warfare. This will degenerate into a hot revolution that will end badly for Obama and his elite handlers.

Obama got elected by making successful people in upper income levels the object of hatred. Did you know that Obama did not attack the government or the central bank for debasing the currency? Not a word about this.

Not talked about in polite circles is the fact that Americaís freedom ranking for individuals has tumbled from second place in 2000 to 18th place in 2010.

Government is more and more aggressive for income as the currency gets more worthless. So the government bureaucrats create more economic misery with more and more regulation for the majority of business owners, especially small-business owners.

The underground becomes a way of life for survival.

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