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Personal Liberty

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Unread 03.31.13, 10:26 PM
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Commenterís Corner

03.31.13 09:01 PM

Commenting on EPA Empowers Environmental Extremists To Attack American Farmers,Gilly from Australia says: March 26, 2013 at 9:48 amIn my opinion private information should remain private and the consequences of releasing of the private information will add to the already suspicious minds of the farming community and when confidence is lost, the information collected becomes less truthful, thereby corrupting the process and basis upon which decisions are made up the food chain of command back down to farmers. </p> Farmers are already aware of the effects contaminants can have on the value of their produce and your not telling them anything new that they need to dispose of contaminants in a responsible manner otherwise they will be contributing to the devaluation of their own landholdings. Now instead of trying to bash the farmers why not get your acts together and chase up the chemical companies who are selling soil destroying chemicals.

In Australia there are already pockets of still fertile farmlands which can not be used for vegetable growing due to the Dieldren fiasco some 40 years ago….the rich chocolate volcanic soils can only be used to grow non edible flowers and meat animal grazing is prohibited for who knows how long, due to chemical companies not being held to account for what they were then selling and doubt whether much has changed.

Food lot buyers are increasingly getting soil tests before they invest their money in any large or small landholdings, so the incentive in already self evident by current farmers who will suffer serious financial loss if their land is found to be contaminated by nasty chemicals, and dont need to be harrassed by the EPA trying to justify themselves by becoming a land god.

If your government want farmers to keep growing food then dont try the Russian solution by socialising land use. It did not work in Russia or China so dont start it in USA or Australia where people are starting to realise the Greens Party infested EPA are red russian socialists or communists would be a better truer name. The Greens have been infiltrated by the commos who are doing their upmost to distrupt our food production in the west and the lazy politicians on both sides are letting it happen. Reality is no paranoia.

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