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Obama To Intensify Anti-Gun Crusade

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Unread 04.03.13, 03:11 PM
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Obama To Intensify Anti-Gun Crusade

04.03.13 12:58 PM

Second Amendment advocates breathed a heavy sigh of relief when it became apparent that Senator Dianne Feinsteinís (D-Calif.) assault weapon ban bill has little chance of legislative success. But those Americans who value their right to bear arms havenít yet won the battle against gun grabbers.

President Barack Obama is giving a speech at the Denver Police Academy this afternoon in an attempt to rally support for harsh Federal gun control initiatives.

“I’ve come here to Denver today because Colorado in particular is proving a model for what’s possible,” begins the Presidentís speech, according to excerpts released by the White House.

Early Wednesday White House senior adviser Dan Pfeiffer prefaced the Presidentís anti-gun speech by explaining that the President wants to sign the “strongest gun bill he can.”

In the face of heavy legislative opposition to gun control measures, most political pundits indicate that Americans can expect increasingly frequent and harsh anti-gun rhetoric from the White House in coming weeks as Obama attempts to use his bully pulpit to further influence lawmakers.

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