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Personal Liberty

Preparing For Civil War

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Unread 04.07.13, 10:46 PM
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Preparing For Civil War

04.07.13 09:01 PM

Dear Mr. Livingston,

First off,*I really enjoy reading your newsletters. Even though the news is really depressing at times. But you need to do some research, planning, and an article on civilians preparing and planning for another civil war.

We*as people, and as a society are not prepared for war we have no leaders, no organization, no planning, no targets of opportunity, and only small arms, (no tanks, helicopters, airplanes, jets, etc. etc. etc.) we are out gunned*I guess you could say.

But if it comes to war pick up the*enemy’s weapons and ammunition, capture the enemy’s weapons, capture anything you can use against them. Anything and everything that can be used. Maybe Scientific Researchers can develop radio frequency jammers for the drones.

Maybe someone with knowledge could start making grenades or explosives to be used.*Only one or two people can’t do much. We need groups and knowledge to work with.*We need Tactics*and planning skills. Basically we need it all.

But the main thing is Organization, every state needs leaders, and militia groups connected to each other to work together. Remember the old saying “Together we Stand, Divided we Fall” We would have to work in large and small Units together, to have any chance of winning a war.

Veterans are a great benefit and knowledge base, as well as anyone trained in weapons of any kind. There is alot to consider Organizing Milita Units and Leaders. Strategy, weapons, ammunition, food, medical supplies, safe shelter’s.* Question : Will our own soldiers fire on Americans?

Will any soldiers quit the military and join the civilians*and fight with us? They are Americans too. This is all definitely need to know information.

We need a prison to place prisoners in; those prisons currently being closed could be a possibility.

I am a Patriot, I am a U.S.M.C. Veteran, I Love My Country &*Our Flag, I believe in God, I believe in Freedom, I believe in Truth and Justice, I believe in our Forefathers and our American Heritage, I believe in Our Constitution and Bill of Rights, and I believe in, and Love My Family and My Fellow Man. For these things*I will fight and if need be give my life. But I will do my part to preserve our Great Nation.


Mike K.

Dear Mike K.,

American soldiers have in the past fired on Americans, and it will doubtless happen again one day. However, my military sources tell me the vast majority of U.S. military — and most local police — will side with the people rather than the regime if they are ordered to move against Americans, despite credible rumors that the President is vetting his top officers on the basis of whether they will fire on Americans if ordered. I hope and pray it never comes to that.

Best wishes,


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