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Majority Of Police Think Gun Control Won’t Solve Anything

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Unread 04.10.13, 04:39 AM
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Majority Of Police Think Gun Control Won’t Solve Anything

04.09.13 09:01 PM

Another law enforcement organization has weighed in on gun control, with a survey of police officers that strongly indicates the importance of keeping Congress’ hands off citizens’ 2nd Amendment powers.

The nationwide survey, done by policeone.com last month, reveals that 86 percent of law enforcement officers believe gun-control legislation doesn’t help — and, in fact, harms — their chances of staying safe during potentially violent encounters while on the job.

The survey, which canvassed 15,000 law enforcement professionals, found that most of them disagree that gun-control legislation will do anything to help them fight crime and may, in fact, make their jobs harder. The numbers are overwhelming:

  • 92 percent said banning so-called “assault” weapons and semiautomatic firearms either wouldn’t help reduce violent crime, or would actually make it more difficult.
  • 91 percent said they favor citizens’ right to conceal-carry firearms, so long as they are not former felons or have a diagnosable psychological condition that would make them a danger.
  • 86 percent said legislation Congress is considering wouldn’t help them stay safe in the field.
  • 82 percent said gun buy-back programs or amnesty programs won’t help reduce violent crime.
  • 80 percent said citizens who’d been armed in prior mass shooting incidents would have been able to reduce the number of innocent people who were wounded or died.
Congress is set to take up Democrat-sponsored gun control legislation this week, to the objection of a growing cadre of libertarian-leaning Republican Senators who are threatening to filibuster any bill that makes it to the Senate floor.

Several States, meanwhile, have already gotten the jump on Congress, rushing a litany of strict gun-grabbing laws through their spring legislative sessions in knee-jerk response to a mass murder last December in Newtown, Conn. Colorado, Connecticut, New York and Maryland have all moved to outdo each other in the race to make legal firearms harder to obtain.

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