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Rhode Island Gun Law Leaves Campus Cops Holding Billy Clubs And Pepper Spray In Searc

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Unread 04.10.13, 03:05 PM
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Rhode Island Gun Law Leaves Campus Cops Holding Billy Clubs And Pepper Spray In Searc

04.10.13 01:03 PM

When a call came in last week reporting someone had seen a gunman on the campus of the University of Rhode Island, the campus police sprang into action, placing the school on lockdown.

But had there been a gunman (it turned out to be a false alarm), the cops would literally have been bringing sticks to a gunfight. State law in Rhode Island doesn’t allow deputized campus police to carry guns.

State police can carry guns onto campuses, but reports indicate they weren’t at the scene in last week’s incident until 20 minutes after the call.

The scare prompted State Representative and retired cop Joe Almeida to redouble his efforts to get a bill passed that would permit campus police officers who’ve been properly trained to carry firearms while on the job. No word on the number of students and faculty who’d like for that Constitutional power to extend to themselves as well.

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