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The King And His Court: 5 Ways Presidential Pastimes Illustrate Why You Should Be Mad

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Unread 04.11.13, 03:05 AM
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The King And His Court: 5 Ways Presidential Pastimes Illustrate Why You Should Be Mad

04.10.13 09:01 PM

The Presidential Administration has gone to great lengths to attempt to impact everyday Americans with budget cuts resultant of the Federal bureaucracy’s own mismanagement. That’s a sign of how the United States is engaged in a battle of “us and them” like never before, which is a point that cannot be stressed enough.

White House tours are shut down, the Blue Angels are grounded, lowlier Federal workers are losing money and community-based programs are having their budgets slashed. This is only a partial representation of where the “cuts” are having an impact, but notably so, as the aforementioned consequences affect average Americans visiting the Nation’s capital, airshow goers, middle-class government workers and local communities. They affect the class that includes you and me.

It is nothing new — and certainly no secret — that there is another class of American citizen to which the bureaucratic system ascribes far more value and, thus, allows far greater protection and liberty. American royalty, like never before, is on full-on display and not just because of sequester.

Here are some examples.

Even American liberty hater Piers Morgan can’t ignore President Barack Obama’s lavish taxpayer-funded vacations — taken, no less, as Americans are being economically crippled by the President’s incompetence and unaccountability.

The President and his family must have different preferences of vacation destinations; the Obama daughters are also incredibly well traveled at the taxpayers’ expense. The girls enjoyed a spring break trifecta recently: Hawaii, Aspen and the Bahamas, all in one month.

And when he isn’t on vacation or advocating for government spending increases and gun laws, the President is hanging out with high-profile entertainers. He often does so during luxurious banquets at the White House that American proles are no longer permitted to visit.

Those entertainers, for their relationship with the President, can get the laws worked around in their favor. While lowly average Americans are strictly (and stupidly) forbidden from visiting Cuba except on academic, religious, journalistic or cultural exchange trips,* Beyonce and Jay-Z spent their fifth wedding anniversary there… for educational reasons.

In other travel news, Vice President Joe Biden recently traveled to Paris with a healthy entourage for a night. The trip cost you $585,000 for the hotel stay alone. But if you think that is ridiculous, you’re a small person.

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