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Personal Liberty

Working For The Man

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Unread 04.12.13, 01:45 AM
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Working For The Man

04.11.13 09:01 PM

Celebrate Tax Freedom Day. The Tax Foundation says that Tax Freedom Day — the day when the average American has earned enough money to pay all the taxes for the year — arrives on April 18 this year. That’s five days later than last year. The delay is largely because of the fiscal cliff deal that raised Federal taxes on individual income and payroll. Because of high State taxes, residents of Connecticut won’t enjoy Tax Freedom Day until May 13. Folks in Mississippi and Louisiana celebrated Tax Freedom Day on March 29.

Employment continues to tank. The jobs report for March was especially grim. Instead of the 200,000 new jobs that had been predicted, the Labor Department says only 88,000 people found work in March. But the ranks of the unemployed dropped because nearly 500,000 people left the job market, according to The Wall Street Journal. As a result, the unemployment rate actually declined to 7.6 percent. At the same time, the number of Americans collecting disability hit an all-time high. So much for the “recovery” that the Administration of President Barack Obama has been bragging about.

You can’t say that here. The Associated Press, which claims to be “the world’s largest news-gathering organization,” has added a new page to its politically correct style manual. Or rather it’s removed one. It is banning the phrase “illegal immigrant” and says it will no longer be used in anything it publishes unless it is a direct quotation. Columnist Michelle Malkin said in response that she will no longer use the word “journalist” when referring to members of the mainstream news organizations “who pose as neutral news-gatherers while carrying out a blatantly ideological agenda.”

Identifying “the most racist” segment. Dr. Ben Carson, the black neurosurgeon and director of pediatric neurosurgery at John Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, became a conservative sensation because of his anti-Obama remarks at the National Prayer Breakfast in February — with the President sitting right in front of him. Now the left is out to get him. Carson said his white liberal critics are “the most racist out there.” And he added, “They need to shut me up, they need to get rid of me.”

–Chip Wood

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