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Media-Enabled Psychopathic Elected Class Launches Full-On Assault

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Unread 04.15.13, 12:50 AM
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Media-Enabled Psychopathic Elected Class Launches Full-On Assault

04.14.13 09:01 PM

When members of the psychopathic elected class get busy mixing campaigning, legislating sop to their corporatist partners in crime, talking the Constitution out of existence and expanding tyranny from that sewage pit that is our Nation’s capital, the assaults on liberty can seem almost dizzying. Enabled by their propagandists in the mainstream media, they manufacture and then gin up crises, propose freedom-robbing legislation to “save” you from the evils they’ve manufactured and then create yet another crisis to distract you from the last.

Their goal is to overwhelm your senses and hit you from all sides, beating you down so that they can move the bar of tyranny gradually but inexorably leftward. They are content with incremental steps. They use gradualism in their self-created maelstrom of chaos.

With myriad assaults on liberty and our senses occurring now, it seemed impossible to focus on just one this week. So I decided to touch on several at once. Hopefully, this helps make some sense of the chaotic paradigm in which we find ourselves today.

Laws And The Constitution Are Meaningless To The Elected Class

On Thursday, 16 Republicans joined 52 Democratic Senators to override a possible filibuster and begin a treasonous assault on the 2nd Amendment. Two Democrats joined with 29 Republicans and attempted to prevent a gun-control bill from coming up. Unfortunately, the traitors had the 61 votes (68, actually) to override the veto. The two Democrats who stood for the Constitution were Mark Begich of Alaska and Mark Pryor of Arkansas.

These traitorous Republicans proved themselves to be big-government statists and voted against the Constitution along with the statist/progressive Democrats: Lamar Alexander of Tennessee, Kelly Ayotte of New Hampshire, Richard Burr of North Carolina, Saxby Chambliss of Georgia, Tom Coburn of Oklahoma, Susan Collins of Maine, Bob Corker of Tennessee, Jeff Flake of Arizona, Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, John Hoeven of North Dakota, Johnny Isakson of Georgia, Dean Heller of Nevada, Mark Kirk of Illinois, John McCain of Arizona, Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania and Roger Wicker of Mississippi.

The bill, deceptively called the Public Safety and Second Amendment Rights Protection Act, does just the opposite of what its name implies. By getting the bill onto the floor, gun grabbers have pushed open the door for the registration of gun owners. The amendment process will turn it into a Frankenstein monster that could include a ban on so-called “assault weapons” and high-capacity magazines.

Any provisions inserted into the bill that would preclude registration or setting up a database of gun owners will be ignored. Proof of this is found in Missouri, where the State’s database of concealed weapons permits was twice given to Federal LEOs (legally entitled to oppress) investigating Social Security disability fraud. This is just one example among many of the Feds getting their hands gun records.

Recently released cables by WikiLeaks reveal the mindset of those who intentionally and over the long term inhabit the Washington cesspool. Globalist Henry Kissinger is quoted as saying: “Before the Freedom of Information Act, I used to say at meetings, ‘The illegal we do immediately; the unconstitutional takes a little longer.’ [laughter] But since the Freedom of Information Act, I’m afraid to say things like that.” But he is not afraid to mean it.

Leading gun-grabber Senator Diane Feinstein told 60 Minutes that she would ban and confiscate all weapons from “Mr. and Mrs. America” if should get the 51 votes needed to do so. And President Barack Obama, in so many words, said on April 4 that the only thing standing between him and gun confiscation is the Constitution.

Meanwhile, the unConstitutional gun grab is aided and abetted by the mainstream media. (See here and here).

How To Spot A Politician

It’s a simple thing, really, to spot a politician. His stripes change to spots at election time. Take Senator Mitch McConnell as a perfect example.

He’s up for re-election in 2014. As a result, he’s trying to convince Kentuckians that he’s Rand Paul. First, he hired former Paul campaign manager Jesse Benton to run his campaign. Then he endorsed Rand Paul’s filibuster over the regime’s drone policy. Now, he’s lurching right in the gun-control and immigration debates.

Under normal circumstances, McConnell would have joined with the treasonous batch of 16 that voted to move gun-control legislation to the floor for debate. But he’s trying to protect his right flank. Don’t be fooled — as Arizonans apparently were in 2012 with John (the fascist) McCain — by politicians who move right and change to spots at election time. Judge them on the entirety of their terms.

Not to pick on just McConnell, but you can also spot politicians when they speak out of both sides of their mouths. The Senator has repeatedly voted to renew the USA Patriot Act and voted for the National Defense Authorization Act, two unConstitutional, amendment-destroying provisions that enable the government to spy on Americans, rifle through financial records, listen in on their private communications and throw them into gulags, never to be heard from again. He says nothing about the Internal Revenue Service’s claim that it can read private emails and text messages without a warrant.

But he was apparently so offended when someone bugged his campaign office that he called the FBI to investigate who leaked a recording of him and his campaign team talking about opposition research on Ashley Judd, who was once thought to be a possible general election opponent.

Now you know how we all feel, Mitch.

The War On Terror

Obama’s conduct of the “War on Terror” would be a comedy if so many innocents weren’t dying because of it.

The regime is admittedly arming al-Qaida-related terrorist groups fighting in Syria, including one named the Al Nusra Front. Some of these fighters have shot at Americans in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the Al Nusra Front is designated a terrorist organization by the U.S. regime. But it shares the regime’s goal of bringing down Syrian President Bashar Assad.

American Eric Harroun is now imprisoned in the United States, charged with using a weapon of mass destruction (a rocket-propelled grenade) in Syria. It was likely an America-supplied weapon and he used it while fighting alongside the Al Nusra Front against Assad forces. Now Harroun is considered by the U.S. to be a terrorist.

The prosecutor in the case says Americans fighting for the Free Syrian Army or who purchase weapons for them are breaking the law. No word from the prosecutor on why this doesn’t apply to Obama as he continues to funnel weapons to terrorists.

Senator Ted Cruz recently pointed out that Obama’s views about Federal power “knows virtually no bounds.” That must explain why he (Obama) thinks it’s perfectly OK for him and his Justice Department to decide which American will be the next drone target, what type of health insurance coverage a business or institution must provide, which minister a church can appoint, which laws and sections of the Bill of Rights are relevant and that Bible-believing, Constitution-supporting Americans are potential terrorists who should be subjected to additional surveillance.

More Lies About An Improving Economy

If the economy is improving, as the regime continues to maintain, where have all the workers gone? Why have 16 million people gone on food stamps under Obama’s tenure? Why are almost 9 million Americans of working age on disability? Why is the Federal government feeding kids three meals a day — even during the summer?

Why are tunnel “cities” being found in and around major U.S. cities.

Why are the globalist-controlled media intentionally trying to drive down the price of gold with fake stories about the sale of Cypriot gold reserves in another effort to force down its price. Why are big banks saying it’s time to sell all gold while they are buying it at almost unprecedented levels? Why are countries (and Texas) asking for the Federal Reserve for their gold back?

Why did consumer confidence just plummet to a nine-month low? And why are retailers eliminating stores and cutting jobs like never before?

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