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2nd Amendment Lives Another Day

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Unread 04.19.13, 05:09 AM
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2nd Amendment Lives Another Day

04.18.13 09:01 PM

Acting like the petulant, narcissistic, Marxist child he is and flanked by former Representative Gabrielle Giffords and some of his Newtown school shooting props, President Barack Obama lashed out at Senators who voted down an attack on the 2nd Amendment, calling it a “shameful day in Washington.”

What was shameful is that 54 U.S. Senators voted to assault the 2nd Amendment — and that the U.S. President and Vice President used a lot of political capital to support the assault — and that it took a concerted fight by Americans to keep the number that low. What is shameful is that Obama vowed to assault the 2nd Amendment again.

And what is shameful is that Obama continued to lie about what the Public Safety and Second Amendment Rights Protection Act did — it did create the groundwork for a national groundwork and extorted States with money and penalties for non-compliance and would have made criminals out of citizens who passed guns to their family and friends — and that he lied that Senate rules were somehow “distorted” by the vote.

The President is a liar and a thug. The Senate, for once, followed the will of the majority of Americans and voted to uphold the Constitution. The 2nd Amendment survived another assault. But make no mistake: The gun grabbers will be back.

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