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Social And Moral Breakdown

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Unread 04.22.13, 06:29 AM
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Social And Moral Breakdown

04.21.13 09:01 PM

“When misguided public opinion honors what is despicable and despises what is honorable, punishes virtue and rewards vice, encourages what is harmful and discourages what is useful, applauds falsehood and smothers truth under indifference or insult, a nation turns its back on progress and can be restored only by the terrible lessons of catastrophe.” – Frederic Bastiat

What would cause a nation or a people to arrive at such a state of decadence and amorality as America has today?

If we connect the dots, it is as clear as day. The above quote by Frederic Bastiat describes perfectly a society that has been undermined by the devaluation of its currency.

Yes, there is a direct connection between debauching of the currency and the moral and social breakdown of society. When people are forced into impoverishment by devaluation and depreciation of their money, not only they will be impoverished, but they are headed for social and moral breakdown and finally internal war and revolution.

The devaluation of the currency as in the United States today is nothing less than undeclared war between the government and the people. This is all under the umbrella of patriotism and benevolence.

What the American people don’t understand is that when the Federal Reserve creates trillions of dollars that it calls “quantitative easing,” it does two things. No. 1: It dilutes the currency, thereby reducing the value of all currency in circulation. No. 2: It is transferring wealth to the government away from all dollar holders.

This is stealth or silent warfare against the American people. This is serious because it leads to impoverishment of the middle class and finally to complete economic collapse. This is happening now!

President Ronald Reagan said, “Government is not the solution, government is the problem.” This puts the elected class all on the same side. They are all paid by the government, and they are all government employees.

The paper money that we use is fiction, created by the banksters. The banksters all destroy the paper money by printing too much of it. Too much paper money destroys savings and undermines morality as it becomes worthless.

The U.S. government is now creating and buying its own bonds. This is a hot air shenanigan that foretells that we are in the endgame. The whole U.S. government financial system is a charade.

The United States may look like the unsinkable Titanic, but the signs of collapse are already visible to all sober Americans and to the world. The icebergs of revolution are everywhere.

It is time and past time to prepare for survival. Nobody is going to hit you over the head to wake you up. Please look out and up and see the collapse coming.

Monetary Insanity!

The hard fact is that the central banks have concluded that to save the system it will be necessary to destroy it. This upside down statement makes all the sense in the world to a central banker.

The truth is any fiat money by nature self-destructs. When paper money is overprinted, it simply self-destructs. This is not hard to understand.

This further concludes that the final outcome of the expansion of the money supply is a lot of people with worthless paper money and suffering from general impoverishment. This is our near-term future.

The system must collapse. Then why don’t we all know it or see it happening? The answer is that it all happens gradually. The word “gradually” simply means that most people can’t see the collapse coming or see it going on now.

If the credit expansion is not stopped (and it won’t be), we will have a crack-up boom or a massive flight into real values. This means an increase in the velocity (speed) of money.

When this happens, it won’t be long until the end. People will be rushing to spend their paper money as prices skyrocket. The last thing that the government or the politicians will ever tell the people is that the system is now in a state of collapse. And they will not utter a squeak that government debt will never be paid.

Wealth Destruction — Special Appeal!

This is the time of the greatest transfer and destruction of wealth in the history of the world. This all swirls around the destruction of paper money and paper wealth.

Many will take the right action, but most of the middle class and all the poor are directly headed for hard and impossible times. Some few who invest in farm land, food, energy and hard assets (silver and gold), especially silver, will survive and grow rich.

None of this is new in history. All cultures and nations and people go through the same evolutionary process. Here is the pattern: They start with metal; and, as they prosper, they create paper money and debt. All collapse, and then there is a return to gold and silver or other metal.

Right now, we are in the midst of the collapse of paper and credit and notional “value.” Believe it or not, this destructive process will utterly destroy Warren Buffett’s paper empire. He knows it, and he buys companies as his hard assets.

Most people cannot see or understand this fiat paper world system that is now expiring with much anxiety.

We saw this same collapse of currency in the Weimar German Republic that culminated in 1923. Most Germans did not have a clue what was happening. Most could not believe that their own government was collapsing their currency by over printing. (The same is happening now in the United States.) They did not relate skyrocketing prices to German currency destruction.

Most were, therefore, impoverished. But those who had the perception to see the collapse eventually coming converted their paper money into gold and other hard assets. Believe it or not, some avoided the disastrous hardship by storing food and basic necessities.

The current wealth destruction process and transfer of wealth will continue until the collapse of the fiat paper money and credit system is finished. Afterward, there will be a great reset of values based on silver and gold money. The cost of a loaf of bread will go back to a dime, but a silver dime. What will you do if you don’t have a silver dime?

The manipulators have driven down the price of gold and silver by dumping gold and silver paper with naked short selling. The talking heads who spread the Fed’s propaganda message tell you that means the bull run in gold and silver is at an end. That is not supported by the evidence.

People are buying gold and silver at an unprecedented rate. Both will break out as the system collapses. Take some of your paper “money” and buy — if you can find it — silver that the money creators can’t print.

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