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How To Get a Good Night’s Rest While Traveling

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Unread 04.23.13, 04:40 AM
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How To Get a Good Night’s Rest While Traveling

04.22.13 09:01 PM

Whether you are on the road for a long summer vacation or a just a quick overnight trip, it can be difficult to get to sleep when you are away from the familiar sights, sounds and smells of home.

Some suggestions to help you relax into a restful slumber include:
  • Lavender oil—*this essential oil is a proven sleep enhancer. Pack a small bottle and place a few drops of the clear liquid on your pillows.
  • Chamomile tea— try drinking a glass of this herbal tea prior to bedtime.
  • Valerian root— this herbal extract may help ease your anxiety or sleepless nights.
  • Sound machine— these portable electronic devices can produce natural sounds like rainfall or ocean waves to help block out disturbing sounds.
  • Pillow from home— since it has a familiar shape, firmness and scent, it may help you fall asleep faster.
  • Ear plugs— this is a simple solution to block outside noises while trying to read, sleep or nap.
  • Neck pillow— these small curved pillows can help support your neck while seated upright so you can catch a nap while riding in a car or plane.

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