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Boston Friday Is Future America

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Unread 04.23.13, 04:40 AM
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Boston Friday Is Future America

04.22.13 09:01 PM

Martial law came to Boston on Friday—Patriot’s Day, no less.

During the hunt for Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the teenaged Boston Marathon bombing suspect, local and Federal law enforcers shut down the city of Boston. No mass transit. No taxis. No moving about of any kind. “Stay inside, don’t go to work, don’t go to the store,” said the “authorities.”

Police forced innocent Bostonians from their homes at gunpoint. They ransacked the home of Dumitru and Olga Ciuc—which was just a couple of doors down from the boat in which Tsarnaev hid until his capture—as they used it as SWAT command center.* Houses are full of bullet holes, Watertown residents claim, “and it’s miraculous that none of the people inside are full of bullet holes.”

Andrew Kitzenburg’s home was hit by a stray round as police shot at the terror suspects.

Martial law came to Boston on Friday.

FBI dressed in full military gear wandered through the neighborhoods peering into windows, opening doors, searching back* yards. Senator Lindsey Graham lamented that no drones were available to just blast Tsarnaev to oblivion and proclaimed, “This is Exhibit A of why the homeland (a very totalitarian description of America) is the battlefield.”

SWAT team members are driven down School Street in Watertown, Massachusetts on Friday. Credit: UPI

Martial law came to Boston on Friday.

Massachusetts has effectively disarmed its citizens. “Last night, a lot of people wished they had a gun in their house,” Mr. [Mardy]* Kozelian told The New York Times. But they didn’t, so residents meekly complied with the order and shuttered themselves inside their homes—except when ordered outside by “authorities” who obviously saw no 4th Amendment issue in doing so. And despite all this, “authorities” didn’t find Tsarnaev. A homeowner did, as he stepped outside for a smoke.

Massachusetts State Police search the backpack of a pedestrian on Friday. Credit: UPI

Martial law came to Boston on Friday, and there’s not a squeak or a squawk about its Constitutionality heard out of Massachusetts or the mainstream media or much of anywhere else. Americans are going quietly to their Orwellian, totalitarian future.

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