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Personal Liberty Bob Livingston provides you with a conservative, Christian view on life. Helping you live free in an unfree world. Delivering news on improving you health, boosting your wealth, and protecting your civil liberties."

Personal Liberty


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Unread 05.02.13, 04:52 AM
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05.01.13 09:01 PM

(I began publishing my monthly newsletter The Bob Livingston Letter™ in 1969. The following is an excerpt from the May 2001 issue in which I advised readers to get out of the crashing Nasdaq market and put money in gold. The Nasdaq suffered three crashes over the next nine years, while gold has gained an incredible 434 percent. The Nasdaq is up only 52 percent from its May 2001 mark and is still down more than 34 percent from the dot-com bubble high.)

Gold and gold stocks are beginning to move up again. Gold has had so many false starts that nobody has any confidence in a gold bull market starting again. Gold has had a 21-year bear market after a 1980 blow off.

Gold in 1980 looked like the Nasdaq in 2000. Anytime there is a mania blow off, it will take many years for that segment of the market to come back. People who are looking for quick return of a bull market in the Nasdaq will be greatly disappointed. It could easily be 20 years. It is far better to take the losses and start building for the future.

In fact, the Nasdaq people should now switch to the gold market. If what we are seeing now is not the real thing, it won’t be long. Everybody who understands that the government confiscates wealth with paper money should always be accumulating gold.

You will not hear the Wall Street hype about gold as with the big stock markets. Gold will silently begin to rise, as now, without a word from the establishment media. The government and the controlled media is against gold because gold more than anything else exposes paper money for what it is.

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