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Blow Up Your TV: MSNBC Transparent In Its Propagandizing

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Unread 05.07.13, 08:33 AM
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Blow Up Your TV: MSNBC Transparent In Its Propagandizing

05.06.13 09:01 PM

Television news media is designed to sway public opinion via punditry and good old-fashioned yellow journalism, a fact that no one paying attention could likely deny at this point. But nowhere has the lengths to which mainstream media will go to push a political agenda been more embarrassingly evident than it has over at MSNBC, where selective video editing is modus operandi for producing “news” content.

Last week, Vice President Joe Biden gave a speech on the tragedy that unraveled in Benghazi, Libya, in September (a tragedy that has been largely blamed on White House mismanagement) as a plaque was dedicated to the victims of the terror attack.

At one point, speaking about the untimely deaths of American servicemen and diplomatic employees at Benghazi, Biden said: “No child should predecease their parents and no one should have to suffer the loss of their spouse; it’s not easy.”

Here is an unedited video of a portion of the speech:

By the time MSNBC’s Thomas Roberts used the Biden footage, it had been cut and pasted and turned into a clip of Biden talking about “children as the victims of gun violence.”
National Review Online pointed out the sickening journalistic abuse and dishonesty, eliciting a forced apology during a later segment from MSNBC host Touré, who blamed it on “a producer error.”

Of course, even a casual observer is forced to point out the convenience of that producer error over at the “lean forward” network: The Vice President was discussing a tragedy that even Democratic lawmakers are criticizing the Presidential Administration for, and the network used his remarks in a way meant to help further a Democratic agenda.

This also isn’t the news outlet’s first politically convenient “producer error,” as it:
Breitbart News spent months pointing out each instance MSNBC used selective edits to further its liberal agenda, and seemingly won the battle against the propagandist media giant with the ouster of former NBC News President Steve Capus in February. Capus had been the helm at NBC when most of the selective editing stories ran. But, it seems, the propaganda continues.

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