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The Ponzi Scheme That Masks The Obama Great Depression

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Unread 05.09.13, 05:25 AM
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The Ponzi Scheme That Masks The Obama Great Depression

05.08.13 09:01 PM

Hello, I’m Wayne Allyn Root for Personal Liberty. At this moment, despite the lies and distortions you hear from the Barack Obama-adoring mainstream media, we are experiencing an Obama Great Depression to rival anything we experienced in 1929. But the truth is being covered up by an ever-rising stock market (that is completely disconnected from the economy) and a country awash in “Obama money.”

The Kool-Aid-drinking media is shocked by hundreds of hard facts I’ve put together proving we are in a Great Depression. They ask me: “Well then, why is the stock market doing so well? Why are there no bread lines or tent cities like 1929?Ē

The answer is simple: Big-government spending on an unimaginable scale masks the true picture of our economy. What youíre seeing is a fraud: the biggest Ponzi scheme in world history. There would certainly be bread lines and tent cities, if government wasnít handing out billions of dollars in checks, paid for by the Federal Reserve printing trillions in fake dollars.

Youíve seen the numbers. Obama is the biggest spender in world history, adding $6 trillion to the debt in only four years. Where do you think that money is going? To all-time record numbers of Americans on food stamps, disability, welfare and unemployment benefits. Now, of course, weíre embarking on free healthcare for 40 million new patients, with money we donít have (and no new doctors to treat them).

And just to be certain that the U.S. economy is completely destroyed, now for good measure we want to legalize 12 million illegal aliens, giving them access to more than $9 trillion in entitlements. Makes sense, doesn’t it?

The government is borrowing 46 cents for every dollar it spends. Itís all crazyÖ literally. We have borrowed from China to pay entitlement checks to Americans who no longer feel it pays to go to work, and to hand out billions of dollars in foreign aid to countries that hate us and support terrorism.

All of this while the Fed is running the printing presses day and night to fund its weapon of mass distraction: Wall Street. As long as the stock market is up, the lapdog media can report the economy is “in recovery.”

The plan is brilliant. Youíd almost think Obama is relying on Bernie Madoff as his chief economic consultant — except even Madoff wouldnít have the cajůnes to pull off this scam. Obama has succeeded in turning Wall Street into a rigged craps game. The government is guaranteeing the results. Obama demands the Fed hands out $85 billion of fake money each and every month and drops it onto the plates of the richest publicly traded companies. This guarantees the stock market goes up while their CEOs get filthy rich with rising stock options, which guarantees banks, Wall Street and billionaires like Warren Buffett continue to support Obama.

Meanwhile, on Main Street the real economy is dying. There are no jobs. There is no recovery. Ninety million able-bodied, working-age Americans are not working. The workforce participation rate is setting all-time records for futility. U.S. worker hours are down and U.S. worker salaries are stagnating, while our cost of living is skyrocketing. Recent college grads are drowning in debt, with record levels of student loan default and post-college-graduation unemployment. Older Americans are dipping into their retirement savings in record numbers; 16.4 million Americans live in poverty in the suburbs; and almost 50 percent of Americans have less than $500 in savings.

The middle class is being systematically destroyed. Wiped out. Left with the short end of the stick. The real economy on Main Street is dying. And worst of all, our children and grandchildren will get the bill. This $85 billion per month being used to fraudulently prop up the stock market is all debt being piled onto future generations.

Then thereís Part II of this Obama Ponzi scheme. Separate from the Fedís $85 billion per month of fake money is the government spending scheme. Obama has handed out billions of dollars in stimulus, bailouts, green energy investments and government contracts to the biggest publicly traded companies, the most corrupt unions and the most connected Democratic contributors. But none of the benefit goes to small business or the middle class that is stuck paying the bill.

Government deficit spending with money we donít have is now paying for everything, at every level. Itís all to hide the reality that we are living in an Obama Great Depression. There are no bread lines or tent cities because weíre all living on the government dole, paid for with debt. Fraud on a massive scale. The greatest Ponzi scheme in world history.

Housing allowances and food stamps prevent bread lines and tent cities.

Free breakfasts and lunches at school make it seem like children arenít going hungry.

Earned income tax credits are handed out to millions of lower-income Americans (including illegal aliens) who pay no taxes in the first place.

At the same time, government keeps interest rates artificially low to pump up home and car sales — and to keep the interest on the national debt from eating up the entire budget.

And if record low interest rates arenít enough, government purchases of GM cars are up 79 percent. The government is artificially propping up GM with your tax dollars. Itís all a scam.

Take away all this spending and printing by government, and it would look*exactly*like 1929.

We are in an Obama Great Depression masked by government spending and debt that didnít exist during the first Great Depression.*The true extent of this economic Armageddon is being hidden, disguised and propped up with government spending, programs and Fed printing never imagined in the 1930s.

Whatís the end game? First, all this spending and printing is to prevent economic collapse and total panic. Second, itís to achieve the Marxist dream: redistribution of wealth to Obamaís voters and contributors. Third (and this is the big one), itís to create a two-class society.

Karl Marx hated the middle class. He felt they needed to be eliminated to create equality, fairness and social justice (i.e., shared misery). Will people be hurt? Sure, they’ll lose their jobs and homes. But to Marxists, the end justifies the means. Obama needs a two-class society to make his plan work; the two classes are the super rich and the poor. The key is both are dependent on government to survive.

The super rich love crony capitalism — with Obama handing out stimulus, Fed printing and government contracts like candy. Thatís how the super rich and politically connected stay rich and get richer. The rest of us will be poor, which makes us dependent on Obama for government checks to survive. Government will pay for our lives from cradle to grave, while confiscating most of our income.

This is a Ponzi scheme that even Madoff could never have imagined.*Thatís why you need to develop Y-PODS: Your Personal Obama Defense Shield. Itís all included in my new No. 1 national best-seller,*The Ultimate Obama Survival Guide.*I wrote it to show the middle class and small business how to survive, thrive and actually prosper from every move Obama makes for the next four years.

Donít get mad, that does nothing for you. Get even!

You can find my best-selling book, The Ultimate Obama Survival Guide, online at Amazon.com or at Costco, Barnes & Noble, Samís Club, Books-A-Million or any fine bookstore.*Or you can buy it in e-book form to read on your favorite e-reader.

Thatís how you turn lemons to lemonade.* And Obama is certainly the biggest lemon in the history of America.*You can find more information in the box right under this article.*Just look for the bright yellow book cover of The Ultimate Obama Survival Guide to order your very own copy.

Iím Wayne Root for PersonalLiberty.com. See you next week. Same time, same place. God bless.

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