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The Art Of Prosecuting The Innocent

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Unread 05.17.13, 05:05 AM
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The Art Of Prosecuting The Innocent

05.16.13 09:01 PM

Nothing is more loathsome than a prosecutor who knowingly pursues an innocent person for a crime he did not do, yet this practice happens on a daily basis. Even more despicable is when that same prosecutor does everything in his power to destroy a person for pleading innocent and trying to mount a defense, yet this, too, happens almost daily.

Should you ever be charged with a crime you did not do, prepare for a fight. Bud Sonnentag of Nye County, Nev., a Vietnam War hero, found out firsthand that if you don’t take a plea deal and you fight for your innocence, the prosecutors take it personally. Sonnentag said, “At every turn, there were the prosecutors stacking charges if I didn’t comply to their wishes.”

Stacking charges is a method prosecutors use to achieve a plea deal. For instance, if you were charged with “jaywalking” and you plead innocent, the prosecutors just might add disorderly conduct, disturbing the peace and evading arrest (if you walked away and the citing officer had to chase you down to get your attention). They do this to get you to plead guilty to any level of a crime so that their conviction statistics remain intact so they can continue to be funded by the public.

What do you do to protect yourself from prosecutors if you are innocent? Like Sonnentag, who hired the US~Observer, take your case public and be as loud as you can be. Make sure everyone knows you are innocent and you are being wrongfully and, in cases where the prosecution knows you are innocent, maliciously prosecuted.

In Sonnentag’s case, the prosecution told the US~Observer they would drop the charges if the paper would stop publishing articles putting the district attorney’s office in a negative light. The US~Observer did stop publishing for a specified period of time. But when the prosecution refused to drop the charges, the paper published again, exposing the agreement to not publish.

In the end, Sonnentag was vindicated. At the height of the charges, he had faced two life-term punishable felonies. He never backed down, and neither did the US~Observer. That is how you throw a wrench into the art of prosecuting the innocent: Rub their face in it.

Read about the Sonnentag case and what happened to the Nye County DA here*and here.

– Ron Lee

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