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Italian Shotgun Executive Fingered As Terrorist By Denver Cabbie

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Unread 05.21.13, 07:06 AM
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Italian Shotgun Executive Fingered As Terrorist By Denver Cabbie

05.20.13 09:01 PM

Political initiatives aimed at promoting fear culture and the vilification of inanimate objects in America produced an embarrassing incident over the weekend when the president of a high-end Italian shotgun company was taken into police custody in Denver because a terrified cabbie thought he was a terrorist.

Daniele Perazzi, president of Perazzi Shotguns, was arrested on his way to the annual Colorado Gun Collectors Show held in the city over the weekend after a cab driver, alarmed at the sight of prototype shotguns the executive was carrying, called authorities to report that he was transporting an armed “foreign speaking” terror suspect.

“He loaded prototype shotguns into the cab on the way to the Merchandise Mart,” National Rifle Association Director Steve Schreiner, who was at the event, told Gun Rights Examiner. “The cab driver notified law enforcement he suspected he had a terrorist in his cab, and they were waiting to intercept him, evidently oblivious to the fact that he was arriving at a highly publicized area gun show.”

Perazzi reportedly had seven shotguns that were confiscated when police arrested him and returned after authorities realized they had arrested a top gun manufacturing executive in town for a popular, and widely publicized, gun show. According to reports, Perazzi was rattled by the event and left the country shortly after his release; his lawyers have not ruled out the prospect of taking legal action against the officers involved in the executive’s arrest.

The cabbie reportedly was involved with a program called “Taxis on Patrol.” Through the program, taxi drivers are trained to detect and report suspicious activity by passengers or people on the street to police.

“If we see someone dropping a backpack. If we see someone taking pictures of security cameras. If we see someone attempting to time law enforcement response. Then we need to understand that we also need to call in that type of suspicious behavior as well,” Taxis on Patrol founder Larry Stevenson, said in a recent interview about the program.

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