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America’s Moral Slide Recognized By Citizens, Evidenced In Youngsters

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Unread 05.24.13, 03:49 AM
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America’s Moral Slide Recognized By Citizens, Evidenced In Youngsters

05.23.13 09:01 PM

A majority of Americans remain pessimistic about the Nation’s moral values, according to the results of a recent poll, as a vast majority feel that moral decline is ongoing in the United States.

According to results from Gallup, 73 percent of Americans feel the Nation is headed in a morally bereft direction, while only 20 percent feel Americans are strengthening in their moral fiber.

Not only do a majority of Americans expect morals to get worse in America, but many don’t feel the greater public is very moral to begin with. Forty-four percent of Americans describe the current state of moral values in the Nation as “poor,” 36 percent describe Americans’ moral makeup as “only fair” and a paltry 19 percent feel the Nation is morally excellent.

Gallup says the bottom line is this:
Americans are just as negative in their outlook for moral values in the United States as they were last year. Similarly, Americans are about as likely as they were last year to say the current state of moral values in the country is “poor.” No major demographic group evaluates moral values positively overall, though Democrats, lower-income Americans, those who are not married, and those who attend church less regularly hold slightly more positive views.

Last year, Gallup asked Americans to give their views on the most important problem with the state of moral values. Americans were more likely to cite a lack of respect or tolerance for other people than divisive political and social issues such as abortion or same-sex marriage. So their sour outlook on U.S. values may have more to do with basic matters of civility than with the more controversial moral issues that currently divide Americans.

For anyone who spends a fair amount of time browsing the Internet, it isn’t hard to recognize why Americans as a whole feel the Nation is on the moral downslope.

Just consider these insanely vulgar youths videoed on a bus in a township near Philadelphia (language warning):

While it would seem incidents like this would be an anomaly, there are thousands of similar videos shot by appalled bystanders floating around the Internet.

And the big question for American policymakers is this: Are incidents like this a simply an unfortunate byproduct of a more “forward thinking” and tolerant culture, or an ugly consequence of liberalism run amok?

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