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Milk Fascists Take One On The Chin

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Unread 05.31.13, 07:16 AM
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Milk Fascists Take One On The Chin

05.30.13 09:01 PM

A Sauk County, Wis., jury kicked the State’s dairy lobby and fascist agriculture agency in the chin last week when it acquitted dairy farmer Vernon Hershberger on three charges of producing milk without a license.

Hershberger has been persecuted for four years by the State, working at the behest of the Wisconsin Dairy Products Association, for the “crime” of selling his raw milk and other dairy products to his friends and neighbors who had bought a piece of his farm as part of a buying club. The ruling means he can continue to sell his products to members of the club.

He was found guilty on the lone count of breaking a holding order issued by the State in June 2010 that barred him from moving any of the food he produced without a license. The shame is the jury didn’t nullify that count against him as well. He faces as long as a year in jail and a $10,000 fine for the one guilty count.

“This is a huge win for food rights,” Liz Reitzig told The Wall Street Journal. Reitzig is a founder of Farm Food Freedom Coalition, a group advocating for greater consumer access to natural, unprocessed food. The case “should give small farmers renewed courage to continue to operate within their communities.”

According the Food and Drug Administration, raw milk can be sold for human consumption in only 30 States. Wisconsin isn’t one of them. And it is a crime in the United States to sell it across State lines. A statement from the Wisconsin Safe Milk Coalition’s mouthpiece made after the trial explains why it’s a crime. “We strongly urge lawmakers to keep it illegal to sell raw milk in Wisconsin to protect the state’s $27 billion dairy industry…,” Shawn Pfaff said.

The FDA, which approves drugs that sicken and kill thousands of people each day, claims raw milk is dangerous because it contains “harmful microorganisms.” The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention claims that from 1993 to 2006 1,500 people in the United States became sick from drinking raw milk or eating cheese made from raw milk. Hmm. That’s a whopping 115 people per year. Meanwhile, FDA-approved drugs kill 274 people (according to the agency’s own statistics) every day.

Pasteurized milk is dead food. The pasteurization process converts a healthy food to a synthetic non-food substance under the pretense of purity, cleanliness and shelf life and changes it from a potent non-allergenic food (one that helps to build natural immunity to allergies) to one that is allergenic. The good bacteria in raw milk is killed and destroyed as is the all-important bone-forming enzyme alkaline phosphatase. The result is a substance sold as milk but that resembles cow’s milk only in color.

Hershberger’s lead attorney in the case, Glen Reynolds, said: “This is as close to*Prohibition*as anything I have ever seen, but this time it’s milk and an Amish farmer rather than liquor and gangsters.” The prohibition against raw milk should go the way of liquor prohibition.

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