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Kokesh Calls Off Armed March On Washington, D.C.; Now Wants July 4th March On State C

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Unread 05.31.13, 07:07 PM
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Kokesh Calls Off Armed March On Washington, D.C.; Now Wants July 4th March On State C

05.31.13 12:52 PM

Adam Kokesh, the libertarian anti-war activist who was bizzarely arrested*and subsequently released after attending a Philadelphia rally earlier this month, says his legal troubles mean he can no longer guarantee he’ll even be able to attend the 1,000-person armed march*on Washington, D.C., he’d been promoting for July 4.

That event sparked a torrent of polarized response*from Personal Liberty Digest™ readers and others around the Internet.

But now, says Kokesh, he’s calling off the event — despite the fact he was well on his way to accruing the 10,000 Facebook RSVP threshold he set for the march to go forward.

In its place, he’s calling on a latent “Revolutionary Army” to march*on the capitol buildings of all 50 States:
This revolution has been brewing in the hearts and minds of the people for many years, but this Independence Day, it shall take a new form as the American Revolutionary Army will march on each state capital to demand that the governors of these 50 states immediately initiate the process of an orderly dissolution of the federal government through secession and reclamation of federally held property. Should one whole year from this July 4th pass while the crimes of this government are allowed to continue, we may have passed the point at which non-violent revolution becomes impossible…

…While there is risk in drastic action, the greater danger lies in allowing this government to continue unchallenged. So if you are content with the status quo, stay home, get fat, watch the fireworks from a safe distance, and allow this Independence Day to pass like any other. But if you see as we see, and feel as we feel, we will see you on the front lines of freedom on July 4th, 2013 for this, The Final American Revolution.

Kokesh announced his new scheme on the radio show of Pete Santilli, the very same liberal tool*who publicly fantasized about shooting Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in the vagina.

Looks like Kokesh’s message and his methods are beginning to conflict. He got the Feds’ attention, but now he’s playing a dangerous game — both with the government, and with the hearts and minds of those who’ve followed him this far.

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