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Play The Race Card And Run! Louisiana Senator Shamed By Own Comments; Dodges Press

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Unread 05.31.13, 07:07 PM
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Play The Race Card And Run! Louisiana Senator Shamed By Own Comments; Dodges Press

05.31.13 12:22 PM

Louisiana State Senator Karen Carter-Peterson lashed out at her Legislative peers who oppose the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act Monday, declaring from the floor of the Senate chamber that the only reason theyíre against Obamacare is because President Barack Obama himself is black.

Local TV station WBRZ tried to catch up with her Wednesday to get her to elaborate, but she did this (the running starts at the :43 mark):

Peterson, who chairs the Louisiana Democratic Party, told her colleagues: ďItís not about how many Federal dollars we can receive — itís not about that. You ready? Itís about race. No, nobody wants to talk about that. Itís about the race of this African-American President.Ē

Clearly, Peterson herself didnít want to talk about that in the aftermath.

Petersonís not the only minority representing the State in Baton Rouge. Bobby Jindal, Louisianaís Republican Governor, is the son of first-generation immigrants into the U.S. from India. Black lawmakers also comprise 20 percent*of the Louisiana State Legislature; 32 percent of the Stateís population is black.

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