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No Liberal IRS Victims; GOP Threatens Cuts For Taxman; Dems Blame Conservatives For E

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Unread 06.04.13, 11:26 PM
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No Liberal IRS Victims; GOP Threatens Cuts For Taxman; Dems Blame Conservatives For E

06.04.13 02:44 PM

Brush up on the day’s headlines with*Personal Liberty’s*P.M. Edition news links.

During Ways And Means Hearing, House Dems Can’t Find Liberal IRS Victim

Some Democrats rushing to the Internal Revenue Service’s defense after reports of the agency’s unfair targeting of conservative groups alleged that IRS officials were simply doing their jobs by vetting organizations applying for nonprofit status and that the IRS had also targeted liberal groups. Read More…

GOP House Members Lean On IRS To Come Clean Or Face Funding Cuts

Republicans sitting on the House Appropriations Committee are threatening to tighten the IRS’ “purse strings” if officials don’t come clean about who was involved in orchestrating the Tea Party discrimination scandal. Read More…

Liberal Congressman: Tea Party Groups Targeted By IRS ‘Asked For It’

According to one Democratic Congressman, Tea Party groups whom the IRS discriminated against had it coming because their political views are stupid. Find Out Why…

Child’s Play: Wisconsin City Fines Parents Of Bully Children

Police officers in Monona, Wisconsin, have a new way to draw in revenue thanks to a new anti-bullying ordinance passed by the locality’s lawmakers: They can ticket parents for having children who are bullies. Is this good for reinforcing parental accountability, or simply another nanny state overreach? Let us know what you think. Comment Here…

Holder Pawns Off Congress’ Demand For Explanation For Apparent Perjury On DOJ Subordinate

Members of the House Judiciary Committee aren’t happy with the content of the Department of Justice’s response to their request that Attorney General Eric Holder clarify a potentially false statement he gave during testimony on May 15th. But they’re even more angry that Holder didn’t answer them directly. Instead, he pawned the task off on a subordinate. Read more…

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