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America Was Asking For It

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Unread 06.06.13, 12:21 AM
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America Was Asking For It

06.05.13 09:01 PM

If you were among those who watched Tuesday morning’s House Ways and Means Committee hearings on the Internal Revenue Service scandal, a tip o’ the cap, doff of the lid and tap of the brim to you. Out of what I am certain was mere coincidence, President Barack Obama chose that same time frame to wander into the Rose Garden and whine about some Federal judicial appointees having a tough time of it; or something to that effect. For all the real import of Obama’s remarks, he might as well have been reading one of the multiple autobiographies he’s managed to write about the life he won’t admit to living.

His al fresco foot-stomp magically drew the attention of not only the usual lapdog media clowns, but even C-SPAN. Meanwhile, I watched the Committee’s live feed (they have one). I’m told Fox News managed to cover the hearing, as well.

If you did join me in viewing the Ways and Means Committee in all its gladiatorial glory, then you were treated to what may well have been the defining moment for the Democratic Party’s willful ignorance of the law, the Constitution and basic decency in deploying the IRS as a weapon against conservatives. You also enjoyed a great moment in conservatism’s stand against such tyrannical excess.

Former Saddam Hussein human shield and current Congressman from Washington’s weirdest district Jim McDermott took it upon himself to defend the IRS’s partisan battery thusly:
(E)ach of your groups are highly political… We’re talking about whether or not the American taxpayers will subsidize your work. We’re talking about a tax break. If you didn’t come in and ask for this tax break, you would have never have had a question asked of you.

That’s right, kiddies. According to the Democrats, when it comes to politically-motivated harassment of law-abiding citizens over their refusal to bow before Obama, conservatives brought it on themselves. What’s more, if they had simply avoided applying for tax-exempt status, they could have avoided the whole mess.

Keep in mind, McDermott may be a loon; but he’s hardly alone in his lunacy. Leading Democrats including Bill Maher and The New York Times have tried on the same crazy pants. Of course, the conservative groups who faced the brunt of the IRS jackboot campaign deserved it. If you go out in Washington, D.C. dressed in one of those sexy blue suit–and-red tie outfits, you’re practically begging for an audit.

Fortunately for us, McDermott had company in the room. Representative Aaron Schock (R-Ill.) smacked the falafel out of McDermott’s face when he noted: “‘Organizing for Action is a non-profit organization established to support President Obama in achieving enactment of his agenda.’”

Schock was not offering an opinion on “Organizing for Action’s” mission statement; he was reading it verbatim from the OfA website. If McDermott is so concerned about “highly political” groups; where is his demand for an IRS audit of these guys? By repeating a liberal hate group’s own words, Schock not only crushed McDermott’s party-line pabulum; he ground it up and buried it in the backyard.

The artists formerly known as “Obama for America” are now calling themselves “Organizing for America.” The same people, with the same mission and even the same leadership in the person of Jim Messina — who always looks like he spends too much time driving windowless vans past schoolyards. Moreover, they still tweet under the Twitter-verified handle “@BarackObama;” and the real Barack Obama even pops in from time to time to help them grub for cash.

OFA is joined in tax-exempt status by a host of hate groups. There’s Common Cause, whose members infamously called for the actual lynching of a Supreme Court justice and his wife; ThinkProgress, which claims to be “non-partisan,” and yet crows about being a “liberal blog” in the next sentence; Media Matters for America, a “progressive research and information center dedicated to comprehensively monitoring, analyzing and correcting conservative misinformation in the U.S. media;” and even Planned Parenthood, which does — well — a certain Mr. Gosnell could tell you in fairly excruciating detail.

All the aforementioned are overtly and even unapologetically political in nature. All enjoy tax-exempt status. Not one endured any kind of harassment, auditing or even so much as an unenthusiastic birthday card from the IRS. If you asked “Baghdad” Jim McDermott about that, he’d probably say “they weren’t asking for it.”

-Ben Crystal

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