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Senate Gangsters Say Amnesty First

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Unread 06.12.13, 05:10 AM
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Senate Gangsters Say Amnesty First

06.11.13 09:01 PM

Don’t be distracted by the scandals making headlines. There is another one taking place in the Senate that has been forced to the back pages, but poses a real danger to our way of life and our future as a Nation.

The Senate began debating an illegal alien amnesty bill yesterday.

The bill was put together by a so-called “Gang of Eight.” They are a gang in every negative connotation of the word. Everything they’ve said about the bill in its run-up has been a lie.

They promised to secure the borders first. Gang member Chuck Schumer now says, “First, people will be legalized… Then we’ll make sure the border is secure.” We’ve heard that lie before.

Among other things, the bill will grant amnesty to 11 million illegals — including about 4 million who have overstayed their visas — by granting them work permits, Social Security numbers and access to welfare. It allows the Department of Homeland Security or an immigration judge to use discretion on deportations. It does not require that illegals pay back taxes owed… nor does it require businesses that hired them to pay back taxes.

A promise made by the gangsters was that any bill would require illegals learn English and take civics classes. That provision doesn’t kick in for 10 years. Another promise made is that it would bar those who were criminals. But the DHS secretary will have the authority to waive that provision.

Finally, the bill will add tens of millions of new immigrants and double the number of guest workers allowed. This will swamp the job market. Real unemployment is already at almost 20 percent, and the influx of new low-wage workers will drive unemployment higher and wages lower.

The Senate amnesty bill is disastrous for America. And so-called conservative Marco Rubio, a supposed “Tea Party darling,” is leading the charge.

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