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Trust My Government? Are You Kidding?

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Unread 06.20.13, 06:48 AM
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Trust My Government? Are You Kidding?

06.19.13 09:01 PM

I’m Wayne Allyn Root for Personal Liberty. Let me say it out loud: I donít trust my government as far as I can spit. And you shouldnít either.

There, Iíve said it. I love my country, but I donít love our politicians or government bureaucrats. Why would I? History proves that people in government the world over are liars, cheats, frauds, incompetents, common criminals, tyrants and even murderers. Yet you think I should trust them with my phone records, emails, tax records and healthcare? If you believe that, I have a bridge to sell you in Brooklyn.

Letís not worry about the true despots of world history, like Adolf Hitler, Josef Stalin, Mao Zedong, Fidel Castro or Pol Pot, who enslaved and murdered their own people. Letís ignore King George and the British generals who ordered American colonists burned alive in a locked church. Letís ignore the fact that the U.S. government injected blacks with syphilis in medical experiments — without their knowledge or consent. Let’s ignore the fact that Franklin D. Roosevelt sent a boat of Jews escaping Hitler back to Germany, where all of them perished. Let’s ignore all those truly terrible and deadly deeds by government.

Letís just look at recent history since electing Barack Obama.

Obamaís Internal Revenue Service persecuted honest people for the crime of being conservative critics of Obama, yet Obama nominated proven tax cheats like Tom Daschle, Nancy Killefer, Hilda Solis and Ron Kirk to major positions in his Administration.

Obama also criticized Mitt Romney for keeping his money in the Cayman Islands, but then named Jack Lew to become Treasury Secretary, even though Lew keeps his money in the Cayman Islands. Do you trust these cheats and hypocrites to monitor your taxes, oversee your healthcare or listen to your phone calls?

Obama and Hillary Clinton lied about Benghazi, Libya, and ordered Susan Rice to lie to the media for two weeks. Then, Obama even lied about the terrorist attack multiple times in front of the United Nations.

It now appears Clinton ordered a cover-up of a prostitution scandal in her own State Department.

Director of National Intelligence James Clapper lied in front of Congress about the National Security Agency surveillance program.

The head of the IRS lied in front of Congress about the scandal involving the targeting of conservatives. I know; Iím one of the victims who was targeted.

But Obama lied even worse. He stated on numerous occasions as a U.S. Senator that he stood against the Patriot Act and other invasions of privacy and violations of civil liberties. Then, he doubled down as President.

No surprise: Obama was a pothead as a young adult. As a politician, he swore he’d curb or completely end the government’s war on marijuana. He said he would never violate a State’s laws legalizing medical marijuana. Yet, as President, he has doubled spending on the marijuana war. And his Administration has literally invaded California to close down marijuana dispensaries that were operating 100 percent legally, based on California State law.

Obama claims he knew nothing about IRS persecution — even though the head of the IRS visited the White House 157 times in his first term and even though Obama met with the head of the IRS employees union the day before the targeting began.

Attorney General Eric Holder appears to have lied under oath about spying on journalists, including James Rosen of FOX News (and his parents). Holder said he knew nothing about it, while he was the one signing the request for surveillance.

Then there are the scandals themselves: the IRS scandal, the Benghazi scandal, the Justice Department media-spying scandal, the Kathleen Sebelius Obamacare extortion scandal. There are so many scandals, I’ve lost track. Don’t forget an oldie but goodie called “Fast and Furious.” Obama supports strict gun control, but he had no problem selling guns to Mexican drug lords. And no one bothered to keep track of where the guns were until 300 Mexicans and a U.S. Border Patrol agent were dead.

These scandals all tie together. They represent*government gone wild. Our government is out of control. It is run by megalomaniacs and control freaks who lie with impunity. Everything is always top-secret and on a need-to-know basis. And only they need to know. They will take care of us and protect us — whether we like it or not, want it or not, ask for it or not, or need it or not.

Personally, I think the group we need protecting from is government.

I donít want the same government employees who at the IRS decided to persecute conservatives like me to be in charge of surveillance over my phone calls and emails. Do you?

If Iím an outspoken critic of Obama, will they decide to listen in on my calls with the intent of finding a reason to persecute me? If I run for office as a Republican, will they be listening in to my calls to find dirt on me? Will they be reading my emails to find out my campaign strategy? Of course, they will.

We heard under oath that NSA could not listen in on calls. It only compiles the list of who is calling whom. Then we found out only days later that NSA personnel can listen in on any call, anytime they choose. My guess is they listen in only on Republicans. After all, to listen in on Muslims would be religious persecution. But persecute Republicans? No problem there.

I donít want the same government employees who at the IRS decided to persecute critics of Obama (like me), to be in charge of Obamacare. When I need approval for expensive cancer treatments, will they withhold approval or delay reimbursements until I die? Will they simply make my life miserable, while Iím dealing with a life-threatening illness? Will they run targeted ďdeath panelsĒ by denying treatment to critics of Obama?

I donít want the government educators who recently held a toy gun buyback program at a California school teaching my children. Yes, I said a toy gun buyback program. They asked young children to turn in their toy guns in return for books. Any educator who thought up that program shouldnít be in charge of teaching children anything.

When I publicly criticize the obscene pensions of government employees that are bankrupting our country, should I trust that angry government employees wonít target, persecute and spy on me? Will they try to put me in prison on trumped up charges or put my business out of business? It all starts with listening on my calls and reading my emails.

Should I assume that the same Obama Administration that labeled Ron Paul supporters as “terrorists” and suggested law enforcement pay them special attention, won’t target Rand Paul supporters for destruction by listening to calls, reading their emails or auditing their tax returns?

Should we assume the government won’t listen in on the privileged conversations of lawyers and American Civil Liberties Union executives to gain an edge in high-profile trials?

Do you honestly believe that if government wants to silence your criticism and dissent, it will wait for a warrant to listen to your calls? Based on what we’ve seen with the IRS scandal and on what the NSA just admitted (that it can listen in anytime it wants), I’d expect our government to target conservatives’ conversations and emails and then, only after finding something they label as “questionable,” ask a judge for a warrant.

What next? Looking through our garbage, tearing open our envelopes at the post office, planting video surveillance or recording devices inside planters placed at our homes and offices — something the IRS was publicly putting out bids for only days ago, until public pressure shut it down.

Based on the IRS scandal, the Justice Department scandal, the Benghazi cover-up, the Sebilius extortion scandal and the nonstop lies (often under oath) of government employees and even our President, why would anyone trust government to do the right thing? If you’re smart, you should assume it will almost always do the wrong thing.

Trust government? Trust the IRS? Trust the NSA? Trust Obama?

Youíre kidding, right?

I’m Wayne Allyn Root for Personal Liberty. See you next week. Same time, same place. God bless America… because we’re losing it minute by minute.

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