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Desensitizing The Military To Make War On Americans

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Unread 06.21.13, 04:04 AM
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Desensitizing The Military To Make War On Americans

06.20.13 09:01 PM

As President Barack Obama and his warmongering neocon enablers stir civil wars and arm anti-government (al-Qaida and Islamist) fighters in previously stable Mideast and North African countries, they seem to also be surreptitiously working to desensitize the U.S. military in preparation for a war on Americans.

Personal Liberty has obtained documents outlining an upcoming Joint Mass Casualty Training exercise at Grissom Air Reserve Base in Indiana scheduled for Aug. 4. The introduction to the drill scenario lays out the meme that hundreds of innocent Americans have been killed or wounded at the hands of individuals and extremist organizations over the past decade — with some motivated by religious belief, some by animal rights, some by support for Muslim extremist organizations and some by personal reasons. It is rife with propaganda like this:
Although many Americans would believe that the majority of the attacks against Americans are from Muslim organizations, in reality the majority of the attacks were influenced by other motivations. [emphasis mine.]

And this:
One terrible terrorist example involving Americans against Americans is the Fort Hood shooting… The Department of Defense and federal law enforcement agencies have classified the shootings as an act of workplace violence. [emphasis mine.]

The upcoming exercise is titled Operation Rudy Strong. Under the heading of “Situation, Enemy (Fictitious)” is the following narrative:
Over the last year, the Indianapolis based (sic) FBI counter-terrorism office has reported a Miami County resident as researching improvised explosive devices, anti-war activist organizations, and US (sic) borne militias. His recent email conversations to the Indiana Hoosier haters, and Anti-government militia, were intercepted. The Hoosier Haters have recently built up their supply of weapons and ammunition and according to the Department of Homeland Security have been researching Improvised Explosive Device construction through website resources and with other extremist organizations.

There are approximately 100 Hoosier Haters in operation across Central Indiana with at least 20 operating within Miami County. The Indiana Hoosiers are suspected of possessing Russian and Chinese made weapon systems including AK47’s, AK74’s, PKM’s, RPG’s (sic), and grenades. In addition, they have acquired American Claymore Mines and 60mm mortar rounds.

Intelligence reports indicate the Hoosier haters have trained to operate clandestinely and individually. They are dedicated to their cause and will quickly sacrifice themselves as a Martyr if necessary. Their most likely course of action would be to attack the main gate with a vehicle born (sic) IED. Their most dangerous course of action would be to utilize contacts within the Grissom Air Reserve Base to plan a more extensive attack against a large crowd during normal training period. This attack would probably involve an IED and other types of weapon systems in an effort to discredit the bases and countries (sic) current security posture and militaries (sic) ability to safeguard its personnel and equipment.

The exercise involves a suspected member of the Hoosier Haters attacking the base. The suspect is described as a veteran who is the brother of a Marine recently killed in Afghanistan by friendly fire. The fictional suspect worked as a laborer for the air base and was fired for attempting to spread an anti-war ideology and for stating after a mass casualty exercise that it was” too bad the base wasn’t really attacked.” Following his dismissal, the suspect is described as having participated in anti-war protests and having been recently arrested after he was found to have unregistered firearms and bomb-making materials.

For the exercise, the shooter and several Hoosier Hater accomplices make their way onto the base and attack during a graduation exercise, killing five people and wounding 10. Only one Marine is on the base at the time and he has no access to the armory, so he notifies base security and local law enforcement. After the shooting, the attackers hole up in several buildings and possibly take hostages.

The entire scenario is ludicrous on its face. All militia organizations are infiltrated by the FBI and no attack like this could take place without the FBI’s prior knowledge — and probably assistance — as even The New York Times has admitted that the FBI is behind most of the terrorist attacks on U.S. soil. Undercover agents locate weak-minded patsies, propagandize them to amp up their ideological hatreds, plan the attack for them and provide them with the means and weapons to use. Brave agents then swoop in and save us at the last minute.

Recent successful attacks on military-related installations on U.S. soil — the June 1, 2009, attack on an Arkansas recruiting office and the Nov. 5, 2009, attack at Fort Hood, Texas — were both done by Muslim Islamists, not “right wing” extremists.

In January, I told you about a report from the U.S. Military Academy at West Point called “Challengers from the Sidelines: Understanding America’s Violent Far Right,”*that lumps limited government activists into three categories it claims are responsible for 350 “attacks initiated by far-right groups/individuals” in 2011: racist/white supremacists, anti-Federalists and fundamentalists.

It’s all part of an ongoing campaign to paint conservatives and gun owners as wild-eyed lunatics planning attacks on America, when, in fact, it’s the psychopathic elected class and government functionaries — which appear to have spread into the military brass — that is making war on Americans every day.

Operation Rudy Strong is just one in a string of similar operations designed to desensitize the military and grease the skids for an operation pitting it against Americans.

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