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MSNBC Analyst: Paula Deen Should Apologize Until Media Approves

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Unread 07.03.13, 07:08 PM
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MSNBC Analyst: Paula Deen Should Apologize Until Media Approves

07.03.13 01:45 PM

Food Network star Paula Deen has been attacked for a racial slur that she admitted to using 30 years ago. She has been rebuked by the media and lost $12.5 million in sponsorship deals.

But still, MSNBC pundits appearing recently on Weekends with Alex Witt believe that she should suffer further for admitting to using the word “nigger.”

The show’s fill-in host, Betty Nguyen, discussed the Deen controversy with entertainment editor Chris Witherspoon of TheGrio.com in a recent segment. The host asked for a reaction to a statement from Jimmy Carter in which the former President questioned whether Deen the media was being overly harsh toward the celebrity chef.

Here’s what Witherspoon had to say: “I do agree with what he’s saying, but I think that she hasn’t apologized enough. If I was in her camp, the one thing that I would do different than what she’s done is go on a media blitz and do every single show that wants to have her come on –“

Nguyen interjected, “Well, she put out two apologies, one on the Internet and then she decided to do that again and then did the interview on the Today show. You don’t think that’s enough?”

“I think that she needs to talk about this, talk about this saga, this horrible thing that’s happened to her… and say it over and over and over again until journalists, ‘til the media is tired of asking her about that and wants to focus on what we know Paula Deen for, which is cooking,” Witherspoon replied.

H/T: NewsBusters*

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