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Bill Would Withhold Federal Funds From Schools With Irrational, Alarmist Idiots In Ch

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Unread 07.11.13, 01:54 AM
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Bill Would Withhold Federal Funds From Schools With Irrational, Alarmist Idiots In Ch

07.10.13 09:01 PM

There has been no shortage of knee-jerk idiocy on the part of American educators in the months since the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut.

Credit: Photos.com

Children have been kicked out of schools or disciplined for making gun gestures with their fingers, bringing water pistols or other toy guns to school, building Lego guns and even simply drawing pictures with guns in them.

Outside of the bureaucratically controlled brain trust that is the U.S. public education system, average Americans have rolled eyes and sighed at most of the aforementioned incidents. After all, itís childís play: cops and robbers, cowboys and Indians, soldiers.

Representative Steve Stockman (R-Texas) must also be tired of hearing about American educator pants wetting over plastic toys and hand gestures resembling firearms. He has introduced a bill that would protect the “harmless expressions of childhood play” and disallow educators to teach youngsters to “be afraid of inanimate objects that are shaped like guns.”

The Student Protection Act, H.R. 2625, lists several incidents where children have been victimized by zero-tolerance gun policies on school grounds which make even references to guns or gun-like things illicit.

From the bill:
Congress finds:

(1) So-called `zero-tolerance’ weapons policies in federally funded schools are being used to outlaw harmless expressions of childhood play.

(2) So-called `zero-tolerance’ weapons policies in federally funded schools are being used to teach children to be afraid of inanimate objects that are shaped like guns.

(3) A school in Grand Island, Nebraska, this year demanded a three-year-old deaf boy in preschool change his name because its sign language expression resembles a gun.

(4) A seven-year-old Colorado boy was suspended for throwing an imaginary hand grenade.

(5) In Talbot County, Maryland, two six-year-old boys were suspended this year for shaping their fingers in the shape of guns while playing `cops and robbers’ during recess.

(6) A 14-year-old in Kentucky was not only suspended from school this year for wearing an NRA T-shirt that said, `protect your right’, but the principal called police to have him arrested.

(7) A six-year-old Palmer, Massachusetts, kindergartner who brought a plastic G.I. Joe Lego toy gun on a school bus was given detention and ordered to write a letter of apology to the bus driver and fellow student passengers.

(8) This government-sanctioned political correctness is traumatizing children and spreading irrational fear.

Stockmanís proposal would dissuade school officials from spreading irrational fear about gun imagery by blocking Federal funds to any school that punishes students for a select list of activities:
(1) brandishing a pastry or other food which is partially consumed in such a way that the remnant resembles a gun;

(2) possession of a toy gun which is two inches or less;

(3) possession of a toy gun made of plastic snap together building blocks;

(4) using a finger or hand to simulate a gun;

(5) vocalizing imaginary firearms or munitions;

(6) wearing a T-shirt that supports Second Amendment rights;

(7) drawing a picture of, or possessing an image of, a firearm; or

(8) using a pencil, pen or other writing utensil to simulate a firearm.

The fact that a U.S. Representative feels that American educators need to be reminded that those activities are in no way dangerous ought to frighten anyone with a smidge of common sense.

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