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Watch: Cop Abuses A Man, Reporters Refuse To Help

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Unread 07.13.13, 03:17 AM
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Watch: Cop Abuses A Man, Reporters Refuse To Help

07.12.13 02:32 PM

Here’s what happens when the local media and the local police are very friendly.

Reporter Jessie Gavin and her cameraman were recently on a ride along with Corporal C.D. McCormick of the Beckley Police Department in West Virginia when the officer pulled over an elderly war veteran from of town for talking on his cell phone.

The driver exited his vehicle — seemingly unaware that he’d been pulled over—until Beckley yelled at the older man repeatedly.* When the driver got back into his car, McCormick forcefully slammed the man’s door.

The driver, who deemed the officer’s actions as out of line, asked to speak to a police supervisor and was told by McCormick that he would need to call the station.

“If you would like to speak with him [the supervisor] he’s at the police department,” McCormick said.

In order to make sure the incident did not devolve into a word-against-word situation, the ticketed motorist asked Gavin and her cameraman—after they approached him for comment— to give him their names in case he needed witnesses.

“I didn’t see him being rude; did you not hear him?” Gavin asked.

The cameraman, too, jumped to the officer’s defense, saying, “He asked you not to get out of the vehicle. For his own safety, he doesn’t know if you’re carrying a gun or not.”

To Serve and Protect. Fail.

Holding public employees accountable. Fail.

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