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Personal Liberty

Accountability And Blood Stains

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Unread 07.15.13, 05:25 AM
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Accountability And Blood Stains

07.14.13 09:01 PM

Commenting on ‘New’ IRS Abuse Is The Same Old Story,plato1955 says: July 12, 2013, 10:02 a.m.The IRS should clean up its own back yard. Accountability is not just a word, or a concept, that can be applied, or tailored to suit the Gov’t. American citizens are supposed to be protected and defended by those we vote into office. Not hounded, persecuted, and denied due process. THEY WORK FOR US !! If we do not stand, and quickly, Obama will succeed in his goal to destroy this nation. Take this geniuses teleprompter away, ask him the hard question, and watch a fool in action. A dangerous fool.

Commenting on More Blood On Obama’s Hands,Al Chemist says: July 12, 2013, 7:01 a.m.The people in Florida who are trying Zimmerman are (first of all) cowards, and (second of all) liberals. Like cowards (and liberals) they are responding to the following tweets. Names left off:</p> I’ll kill him.

Watching the Zimmerman trial. If he don’t get life, I’ll kill him.

Travon martin need justice! Gimme me tha pistol. I’ll kill Zimmerman myself.

I’ll kill Zimmerman for $20.

If they don’t kill Zimmerman Ima kill me a cracka.

If George Zimmerman win, I’m gonna kill a fat white boy dat look lik George Zimmerman. I swear. LOL.

The New Black Panther Party put out a$10 k bounty on Zimmerman’s head with a "Wanted Dead or Alive" poster. "Kill these racist honkeys, these crackers, these pink people, it has been long overdue!"

There are lots of tweets just like this, folks.

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