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Do It For Trayvon

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Unread 07.18.13, 01:39 AM
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Do It For Trayvon

07.17.13 09:01 PM

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, more than 300 million men, women, children and leftist college professors currently call the United States home; and that’s before we even consider the tens of millions currently waiting for President Barack Obama to write “Bienvenido a Los Estados Unidos!” on White House stationery. In the wake of the acquittal of George Zimmerman, the overwhelming majority of your brothers and sisters in red, white and blue did the exact same thing you probably did: nothing. You all continued right on living pretty much the same lives you lived beforehand.

Don’t mistake my intent; I am not criticizing you. Despite the opportunity to throw a shrieking tantrum, most of you chose to finish dinner, do the dishes and go to bed.

Think of the fun you turned down. You could have beaten the hell of a white guy in Baltimore; Milwaukee; Oakland, Calif.; or Mississippi. Granted, picking fights with random white guys is a risky endeavor; he could turn out to be a cage-fighting ex-Marine with a higher pain threshold than a rhinoceros. Worse, he could be a white version of Zimmerman. And I’m a little hazy on how beating a white guy in Mississippi into coma will alter the outcome of the trial of a Hispanic man acquitted of murdering a black kid in Florida. Sorry, champ; beating up a random passerby won’t help Trayvon Martin.

Instead, you could have looted the Wal-Mart on Crenshaw Boulevard in South Central Los Angeles.* Americans love expressing their social outrage through the power of theft.* And there’s no way anything less than battalion-strength numbers would manage to arrest every looter in the store. Plus: free flat-screen! However, looting the Wal-Mart won’t bring back Martin from the hoodie-huddle in the sky. Moreover, looting the Wal-Mart causes Wal-Mart financial pain, which it then inflicts upon its customers through price increases. And that means when you go back to pick up the HDMI cable for the flat-screen you looted, it will cost more — as will everything from beer to TV dinners. Furthermore, since riding the bus while carrying a looted flat-screen is an awkward proposition at best, you probably will loot the Wal-Mart in your own neighborhood. That makes looting local. Congratulations, you just wrecked your own house. I’m sure that would make Martin feel better about being dead.

Perhaps a trip might have been in order. You could have accompanied the “Reverend” Al Sharpton while he takes his race-pimping circus on a 100-city tour. But given Sharpton’s affinity for feces-flinging, you’d never rise above No. 2. You could have joined entertainer Stevie Wonder and other celebrities in boycotting Florida; though Wonder and his colleagues have yet to explain how avoiding the Sunshine State will undo the 5th Amendment and eliminate jury trials. Hanging out with screaming race-pimps and idiot celebrities is unlikely to deliver much of anything — much less justice — to Martin.

You could have gone on a bender of epic proportions. I’m talking “New Orleans post-Katrina, ‘Occupy’ riot on amphetamines or Detroit on Tuesday” wild. And you could have joined the aforementioned folk in claiming it was all “for Trayvon.”

You didn’t. If you’re anything like almost all of the rest of us, you chose to steal nothing, vandalize nothing and harm no one. Hell, you didn’t even try to use Martin’s demise as a sock puppet for some misguided assault on the Bill of Rights. Good for you. I’m sure Martin would be proud.

–Ben Crystal

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